Neutral Paradise (Sound Salon) {2012}

Neutral Paradise (Sound Salon) was a one-night event that happened on November 23rd 2012, at Hannah Barry Gallery, London and involved :

+ a merch table of artist-edition zines, cassettes, vinyl and CD-Rs put out by independent / artist run labels WHIP Records, lo bit landscapes and and Valley Sounds, which included releases by Behavior, Ian Campbell, Bryce Hackford, Known Ocean, Viktor Timofeev and M Lamar.

+ performances by Bryce Hackford, Known Ocean and Viktor Timofeev inside an environment built by Timofeev using tarpaulin, spray paint, a strobe light, smoke machine and snow machine. Projections by Ivy Meadows were shown during Hackford's performance

+ exhibition of new collages and drawings by Campbell and Timofeev