Neutral Paradise (Sound Salon) was a one-night event that happened on November 23rd 2012, at Hannah Barry Gallery, London and involved :

a merch table of zines, cassettes, vinyl and CD-Rs put out by independent / artist run labels WHIP Records, lo bit landscapes and and Valley Sounds, which included releases by Behavior, Ian Campbell, M Lamar, Ivy Meadows, Bryce Hackford, Known Ocean and Viktor Timofeev

music performances by Bryce Hackford, Known Ocean and Viktor Timofeev inside an environment built by Timofeev out of tarpaulin, spray paint, a strobe light, smoke machine and snow machine. Projections by Ivy Meadows were shown during Hackford's performance.

exhibition of new collages and drawings by Campbell and Timofeev.

release of GIVE HEALTH record (stream below, zip here) and Topophobia zine (pdf)